Privacy Policy

A message from Secretary of State Michael Howe:

Records received by the Secretary of State and the State of North Dakota from web sites are subject to the same controls and uses as records collected by governmental offices visited in person. All received information is retained and disclosed in accordance with North Dakota’s Open Records Law.

This site does not place cookies on your computer. When you access the web site, only the following “navigational” information is gathered: URI stem, user agent, client IP address, referring site, and date and time of access. This information is used for analysis and is restricted to the “web” development staff. It reflects the number of hits per month, the most popular pages, and the date and time of the hits. This information is compiled in a monthly log and is used to manage and improve this site. All data logs are destroyed after one year.

Web Site Security

In order to protect the information being gathered this site has security measures in place including firewalls, encryption, and authenticated access to internal databases where needed.