Remote Online Notarization

Situations exist that may not make it possible or convenient for a signer to physically appear before a notary public.  For example, the current challenges being encountered when in person contact should be avoided.  Nevertheless, business and commerce must continue to function when a need exists for a notarial certificate. 

To address these situations, North Dakota law allows notaries public commissioned in this state to perform Remote Online Notarization (RON).  The requirements for RON, specifically, are covered in N.D.C.C § 44-06.1-13.1.

To comply with the requirements of the law and before a commissioned notary public can perform his or her first RON, the notary public must provide the following information to the Secretary of State’s office:

  1. Notification that the notary public will be performing notarial acts with respect to remotely located individuals; and
  2. Identification of the technologies the notary public intends to use by providing the name of the provider of the communication technology that will be utilized for RON.

This notification may be provided by email to, by fax to (701) 328-1690, or by letter to North Dakota Secretary of State, 600 E Boulevard Avenue, Dept 108, Bismarck ND 58505-0500.

Listed below are examples of companies that provide RON solutions.  (NOTE: This is not a complete list of providers, and this office does not endorse any provider nor does it require one be selected from the list.)

The notary should do thorough research before selecting a provider.  Regardless of which provider is selected by the notary, the provider’s RON communication technology must comply with the legal requirements listed in N.D.C.C., ch. 44-06.1

When selecting a RON solution provider, the notary should ensure that the provider can and will comply with all North Dakota legal requirements because not all solutions do.  For example, a provider may have technology that meets the remote in person requirement, but it may not record and retain the audiovisual recording for ten years as required by state law.

Contact this office by email to with any questions regarding RON.