North Dakota Century Code, Section 54-05.1-01, defines a lobbyist as "Any person who, in any manner whatsoever, directly or indirectly, performs any of the following activities:

  1. Attempts to secure the passage, amendment, or defeat of any legislation by the legislative assembly or the approval or veto of any legislation by the governor of the state.
  2. Attempts to influence decisions made by the legislative council or by an interim committee of the legislative council."

Chapter NDCC 54-05.1-02 does not apply to any person who is:

  1. A legislator
  2. A private citizen appearing on his own behalf
  3. An employee, officer, board member, volunteer, or agent of the state or its political subdivisions whether elected or appointed and whether or not compensated, who is acting in that person’s official capacity.
  4. Invited by the chairman of the legislative council, an interim committee of the legislative council, or a standing committee of the legislative assembly to appear before the council, interim committee, or standing committee for the purpose of providing information.
  5. An individual who appears before a legislative committee for the sole purpose of presenting testimony on behalf of a trade, or professional organization, or a business or industry if the individual is introduced to the committee by the registered lobbyist for the trade, or professional organization or the business, or industry.