Authority and Membership

The provisions of Chapter 54-16 of the North Dakota Century Code govern the duties and responsibilities of the Emergency Commission.

The membership of the Emergency Commission consists of the Governor who is the chairman, the Secretary of State who also serves as the commission's secretary, the Majority Leader, ND Senate, and the Majority Leader, ND House of Representatives, the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

The Emergency Commission has the following general authority and responsibility:

  • Approve transfers between funds or line items in agency budgets;
  • Order funds paid from a contingency fund appropriated by the legislature;
  • Take action when there is an imminent threat to the safety of people due to a natural disaster or war crisis; or an imminent financial loss to the state;
  • Authorize the acceptance and disbursement of federal funds or other funds not appropriated by the legislative assembly which are made available by any federal agency or other source and which the legislative assembly has not indicated an intent to reject.

By law, some of the decisions made by the Emergency Commission also need subsequent approval of the Legislative Budget Section Committee. Therefore, the regular meetings of the Emergency Commission are usually scheduled seven to 14 days prior to meetings of the Legislative Budget Section Committee, which usually meets four times a year. However, as needed, special meetings of the Emergency Commission can be held at the call of the Governor.

The following elected officials comprise the Emergency Commission:

Governor Doug Burgum Governor Doug Burgum
Secretary Alvin Jaeger Secretary of State Alvin A. (Al) Jaeger
Senator Rich Wardner Senator Rich Wardner
Majority Leader, North Dakota Senate
District 37, Dickinson
Representative Chet Pollert Representative Chet Pollert
Majority Leader, North Dakota House of Representatives
District 29, Carrington
Senator Ray Holmberg Senator Ray Holmberg
Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee
District 17, Grand Forks
Representative Jeff Delzer Representative Jeff Delzer
Chairman, House Appropriations Committee
District 8, Underwood