Required Solicitation Reports

Every charitable organization registered in this state, shall file an Annual Report (SFN 11302) along with a ten dollar fee with the secretary of state on or before September first of each year.

The secretary of state may extend the filing date for the annual report of any charitable organization, if a written application for extension is received before the filing deadline. A charitable organization with a fiscal year ending within three months prior to the filing deadline may make a written request for an extension to apply to reports for subsequent years until the fiscal year is changed.

Information submitted must be given as of the close of the business on the thirty-first day of December next preceding the date herein provided for the filing of the report, or, in the alternative, the date of the end of the fiscal year next preceding this report may be used. The Annual Report (SFN 11302) must be filed on forms provided by the secretary of state, and can be obtained by entering the Business Records Search.

The secretary of state may make a detailed examination of the accounts of any charitable organization conducting a solicitation for funds within this state. Upon request the attorney general shall assist the secretary of state in carrying out this chapter and, for this purpose, has all powers granted by this chapter to the secretary of state. Every charitable organization subject to this chapter shall keep a full and true record in the form that will enable the charitable organization to accurately provide the information required by this chapter.

Failure to file the annual report and fee as required will mean the organization's registration will no longer be in effect and the organization may not solicit in North Dakota.